Underware's playground for Variable Fonts.

Underware's playground for VF.

Hallelujah Variable Fonts
Lets make some very able fonts.

These are exciting times in the font world. Variable Fonts are the magic words in type technology these days, and interpretations of its meaning interpolate from one extreme to the other. It all feels like ’96, where everybody started using Internet, without having a clue what it was really about. Now 20 years later, we can only conclude that everything has changed, but little as expected.

A similar development can be expected from the introduction of Variable Fonts. Just like with internet, it is again a kind of dynamification of information. And this time it is taking place on a even more existential level: the written word.

And while we can only conclude that the Future is Here, we can only ask ourselves: And what about us?

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Lectures about Variable Fonts.
And other very able fonts

The Tale of the cat

What are letters. What is a text. What does it mean to read? And what happens if all gets variable? Or we compress it all down to three letters? Or just one single shape?

If you want have something new, you have to stop doing something old (2017)
Underware's first lecture about Variable Fonts, including the first public showing of the Super Font & Super Sliders. This is also the first lecture of the Berlin Triptych (in classical 4:3 format)

Export Future

This is the second part of the Berlin Triptych, presented again at TypoLabs. The lecture introduces amongst others, the concept of Font Fiction and HOI (Higher Order Interpolation).

Designing Duos

While everybody is talking about Variable Fonts, we could also ask ourselves the more general question about how to make fonts variable. Duos is both.

Every Thing is Type

This lecture uses the work and theories of artist Joseph Beuys, composer John Cage and media-guru Marshall McLuhan to outline an expanded notion of type.