A playground for Variable Fonts.
Presented by Underware

A playground for Variable Fonts.
Presented by Underware

Safari Braille
Make the visible invisible.
And the other way around.

While most people are not able to read Braille and Latin, it is fascinating to see that both can be easily linked.
latin to braille

Duos In-N-Out
A script font with In- & Outline.
In & Outline


Safari From A-to-B
Letter Wheel

A font where every letter can transform into any other letter. Sounds complex. Is complex. So instead of struggling around with 26 sliders, just use the letter wheel.

Safari From-A-to-B
Turn Water into wine

When every letter can transform into any other letter, we can also turn water into wine. And wurst into fonts.

The classic Zeitung Torch Demo.
(as seen on

Press Room for General Questions
Advertisement unit and Carpool
Printing Department and History
Cartoons aka the Danger and the
Bloggers or Crowdsourcing for you
Ghostwriters and other strange
Editor In Chief and like minded people

Zeitung Variable
A typeface for new and traditional media. Printed matter and websites. Static & dynamic.
optical size

Zeitung Variable/Flex
An extension for InDesign & Illustrator for working with Zeitung Variable. (as seen on

Hi HOI 2018
Final part of the Hoi Tour 2018, presented at ATypI Antwerp.

Hoitech 2018
Presented at TypeCon2018, Portland, Oregon, USA.

The Tale of the cat 2018
What are letters. What is a text. What does it mean to read? And what happens if all gets variable? Or we compress it all down to three letters? Or just one single shape?

Export Future 2018
This is the second part of the Berlin Triptych, presented again at TypoLabs. The lecture introduces amongst others, the concept of Font Fiction and HOI (Higher Order Interpolation).

Designing Duos 2017
While everybody is talking about Variable Fonts, we could also ask ourselves the more general question about how to make fonts variable. Duos is both.

Every Thing is Type 2017
This lecture uses the work and theories of artist Joseph Beuys, composer John Cage and media-guru Marshall McLuhan to outline an expanded notion of type.

If you want have something new, you have to stop doing something old 2017
Underware's first lecture about Variable Fonts, including the first public showing of the Super Font & Super Sliders. This is also the first lecture of the Berlin Triptych (in classical 4:3 format)